Existing Coaches

The Guild offers membership to existing coaches who aspire to be the best. They do not need an NSCA level 1, 2, or 3, but they need a history of providing quality coaching, testimonials which can be vetted and may be required to under go a selection procedure before being invited to join the Guild. This not only establishes a group of highly skilled and motivated individuals, but also ensures a uniformity and consistency of instructional methods and advice within that group.

Not all members are shown please contact us for other Guild coaches in your area.

Greg Heuer Nellys Ford, Virginia
Email: gheuer@awinet.org
David Judah The Homestead
Hot Springs, Virginia
Email: david.judah@thehomestead.com
Web Site:www.thehomestead.com
Andy Tubb The Glorious Twelfth
1455 Brownsburg Turnpike
Fairfield, VA 24435
Email: theglorious12th@embarqmail.com
Web Site: www.theglorioustwelfth.com