Welcome to The Glorious Twelfth, an "Old England Experience! "

The 1773 GAME ACT in England was the beginning of the Glorious Twelfth, otherwise August, 12th, as the beginning of the hunting season. This act established the hunting season for the red grouse as August 12 - December 10.

The switch from black powder guns to smokeless powder cartridges completely changed the way of hunting red grouse. At this time the aristocrats in England started the tradition of hunting driven birds on the Glorious Twelfth. This established tradition way of hunting the red grouse continues even today.

At the Glorious Twelfth you will find our English Sporting Clay School for beginner to advance levels of shooting; an opportunity to receive coaching skills at the Clay Coach Instructors Guild; a gift and accessory shop for shooting equipment; and an equine facilities for boarding, training and purchasing of quality horses. Our shooting facilities allows us to present clay targets in any position for teaching the shooter how to hit what they are shooting. These targets presentations will help you whether you are shooting clays for fun or wing shooting live targets.